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Hi everyone!
I've been hard at work with the crochet hook and yarns lately.
Here is a pic of what I am creating. These have not been blocked yet, so they don't look like perfect squares. I'm waiting on an ironing board and iron so I can make them pretty.

I am creating this mesh open-stitch cloths which are roughly 9x9. After I have 25 of them made, I am going to block them all and then stitch them together to create a blanket. It is going to be a Christmas gift for my grandmother on my boyfriend's mom's side of the family. So grandma-in-law.

I thought it would be fun since I can make these in my sleep practically, and it is a great way to get rid of some of the small balls of yarn that seem to take up the bottom of my yarn tote.


As always you can find me on Ravelry and Etsy I will be adding stock to Etsy after the holidays. I know it seems an odd way to do it, but since I am hand making all my gifts this year, I haven't had time to build stock.


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