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Hey friends!
I hope the new year is being good to everyone! It has certainly been good to me so far!

I am getting my sugar scrub recipe squared away. The trial and error process has been interesting to say the least... I attempted a rosemary scrub with a green tint and ended up with something that looks like seaweed sludge :-\ Onward and upward, though. I fixed the problem by deciding to just use oil, sugar, and essential oils; no colors. I found that if I use plain, raw sugar (not bleached, white sugar) then it ends up with a nice natural color to it that doesn't need any additives.

I've found a wholesale container shop online as well so I can order proper packaging for the products. For my testers, I sent out 4 ounce glad containers lol. I hope they travel okay wrapped in bubble wrap. I certainly don't plan to use them permanently, that's for sure.

The next product up is bath salts. I have a basic recipe I will be tweaking a bit and sending around to my testers.

And as always, the crochet hook continues on. I am signed up for two new classes in February and March, and am hoping to master those patterns so I can add some more stock to the store.

The store will be up and running within a week or two! My lovely sister-in-law has agreed to play dress up for my camera so I can get some better shots of the merchandise. I will pass the link out as soon as the revamped store is up and running!

I am planning to run some specials too once I have my bath products solidified. Watch this space for coming attractions!

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